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Jul 22
The Art of Cold Plunging: Best Techniques, Practices, and the Benefits of Regular Cold Plunges

Introduction In recent years, the popularity of cold plunges has soared due to their numerous health benefits and stimulating effects on the body. Cold plunges involve immersing oneself in cold water after a sauna session, creating a contrast of extreme temperatures. This blog post explores the best cold plunge techniques and protocols, highlighting evidence-based research […]

Jul 18
Getting to the Heat (and the Cold) of the Matter: Contrast Therapy 101

If you’re familiar with our XPT lifestyle, you’ll know that one of our three main pillars is Recover (the other two being Breathe and Move). We typically divide our recovery approach in two. First is passive recovery, which is basically rest and any kind of therapy in which a practitioner subjects you to a modality […]